Klaus Walz (guitar)
Charly Maucher (bass)
† on 8/28/2019

with keyboarder Corvin Bahn (Uli John Roth, Gammy Ray, Crystal Breed)
Guitarist Niklas Turman (Uli Jon Roth, Crystal Breed)
and drummer Achim Poret (Epitaph, Bullfrog, King Ping Me), assembled a top-class group of musicians

Over 50 years of band history, record sales in the millions, gold awards, and a worldwide loyal fan base should speak for themselves. As colorful as the cover design of their numerous albums, as varied as the stylistic orientation of their songs and as multi-layered as the different personal constellations: The Hanoverian rock group Jane cannot be described with just a few attributes.

Since 1994, however, after a ruling on the naming rights, since the name JANE no longer exists, Peter Panka, Werner Nadolny, Charly Maucher and Klaus Walz continued to play under the name "Peter Pankas JANE".

Since 2002, CD sales in the high five-digit range, as well as hundreds of successful concerts, testify to the great popularity of the band, which is one of the best live bands in Germany.